The Humble Master

Question: How does one know when they become a master at something?

Answer: We become a master of something when we “become that thing”, when we flow together with that thing without ruining, distorting it. We can see this most clearly on performing artists when they simply disappear in the music they are playing, when their physical being stops being an obstacle towards the music that flows through them.

A true master disappears, becomes the most humble before the “something” one becomes a master of. The proud self disappears and the master disappears in the craft. Those who watch the master do not see the person, personality, they simply see that craft, something flowing through the invisible, transparent master.

The difference between an “impostor” and a true master is subtle to the external observer. But for example while a famous celebrity sculptor might say, “I created this magnificent artwork”, Michelangelo reportedly said that he simply freed the already existing artwork that was hidden in those beautiful Carrara marbles…

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