Humanity’s Greatest Achievement: Looking Into The Mirror!

Question: What could be considered as the biggest achievement of human beings?

Answer: The most important achievement of Humanity – which will unlock our true free choice in existence – is finally realizing that behind every problem we encounter, behind all the recurring, hapless, vicious historic cycles we have passed through stands our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature.

As long as we continued to believe that there is ‘something good” in us, that we have the capacity to truly love and give, we had no opportunity to finally do something about our plight. We have been like a cancer patient trying to avoid the diagnosis, fearing that terrible news so much, that misses the right treatment.

But now in the midst of the worst, deepening and unsolvable crisis we have ever endured – which threatens us with a global meltdown that could wipe us all out – finally we have to look into the brutally honest mirror and admit what we have suspected all along: we are all born 100% selfish egoists, that are unable to build connections, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, without which we can’t survive in a globally integrated and interdependent world!

This revelation is our greatest achievement, as now we can snap out of our thousands years long instinctive, blind development, and finally we can decide to start a truly conscious Human development, when we take our fate into our own hands by learning how to rise above our instinctive nature.

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