The True Solution To Antisemitism

Question: Why are some people so quick to blame Jewish people for everything? Where does this mindset come from?

Answer: Usually there are many theories, there are some very specific and some very vague accusations, explanations. As it is the case when there are so many different “explanations” for a certain phenomenon overall the thousands of years long Jew-hatred is seemingly completely irrational, instinctive, “primordial”.

We will never understand this trait until we start to view the world in a more systemic manner, where we start to examine individuals, nations as integral parts of a closed, integrated system, where each individual and nation have their own irreplaceable, crucial role in the system.

If we trace the origin of the Jews back to the very beginning – regardless of how much of it history, archaeology can prove – the original Jews were not connected by “tribal”, genetic, religious or cultural ties. Today we can identify such commonalities, but they developed, were established much later, when Jews already lived together for centuries, millennia. For example “Rabbinic Judaism” as we consider Judaism today developed only about 2000 years ago.

The point is Jews become Jews based on a unique “ideology”, to create Human connections based on the symbolic, “archaic, poetic” principle of “Love your Friend as yourself”. This means building true connections above, despite the instinctive egoistic rejection that resides in every person. Jews were the people who accepted this ideology and then started to implement it in practice among themselves.

The “forefathers” weren’t religious leaders, mystics, but they were the very first, true, empirical natural scientists. They were the first to recognize Nature as a single, all-encompassing, fully integrated system which is permeated, governed by a single, Natural, evolutionary force with a predetermined plan.

These original scientists found the true “Theory of Everything” thousands of years ago. Their writings, especially the Torah and its interpretations are not religious, story or history books, they are The Natural Encyclopedia, Instruction Guide to Natural Reality.

The principle of “Love others as yourself” is a symbolic description of Nature’s most fundamental law of keeping balance and homeostasis applied to Human relations. Without keeping this principle – applying Nature’s laws to Human connections – we can’t solve problems, we can’t build societies that are safe, fair, peaceful and sustainable, as otherwise our inherently egoistic, hateful, greedy nature distorts, corrupts everything.

In short without the Jewish method – which the Jews have to implement and then pass on, teach to others – as “Light unto others” – Humanity can’t function properly and keeps failing through vicious, recurring historic cycles. Most of Humanity does not know the “Jewish role” consciously but they feel it instinctively, thus when turmoil, crisis strikes the world, they turn to the Jews for solution and when it does not come “irrational hatred” arrives.

Today in the midst of our deepening, unsolvable global crisis Antisemitism has reached higher level than the levels recorded before the 2nd World War. Still, so far no extraordinary unity, positive example is coming from the Jews, despite them receiving a chance to build a true Nation on its original foundations – being a people of one man with one heart – by returning to their Land.

Without examining, knowing the very important Jewish role – becoming the connectors, instructors on how to build unity above differences, mutual responsibility despite mutual distrust, hate – Antisemitism will remain irrational, and will keep its destructive path for the Jews and others.

Both the Jewish people and the rest of the world needs to know exactly what and how the “Nation of Israel” needs to do in order to facilitate the building a new, global Human society, so instead of irrational hatred the world would rationally start following, supporting this Nation in building “supernatural” – above instinctively egoistic hatred – unity, mutual cooperation all over the globe.

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