Human Survival Through Education

Question: How do you preserve our race?

Answer: First of all with the right education.

We are at very dangerous, sensitive crossroads where our next decisions, actions might decide our survival or extinction. Humanity is helplessly sinking into a deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis that affects every level of Human activity.

Due to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature – which we have been following blindly instinctively so far – we can’t build true, mutually responsible,mutually complementing interconnections with one another. Thus we are incapable of building sustainable, fair, peaceful and truly prosperous societies.

Our generation has just failed with the best looking Human ideology/system of liberal parliamentary democracy and free market capitalism as our insatiable ego has distorted, corrupted it until it became unlivable. Thus today we start reverting back to oppression, authoritative regimes regardless of color, culture, nationality or leftist/rightist orientation.

Thus we need to learn how fully integrated, interdependent natural systems work since our world is one of them. We also have to learn how our instinctive nature, behavior is incompatible with such natural systems. Finally we have to learn how to integrate vastly different, diverse, unchangeable Human egoists into a single, mutually responsible, mutually complementing system – without coercion, without misleading manipulations, only through positive motivation – like assembling a colorful, perfect mosaic!

And that can be accomplished only through the right, purposeful, practical educational method.

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