Attitude Is Everything

Question: Because it’s often repeated, ‘attitude is everything’, can you describe the kind of power it has, comparing it to something else powerful?

Answer: In order to understand the significance, power of attitude first we have to understand what it means that we exist in an integrated, interdependent system.

Although we keep talking about a “global, integral” world we are only scratching the surface of its true significance.

While we are not conscious about it yet, this means that we are inevitably tied to one another with myriads of unbreakable, inescapable connections and consciously, subconsciously we are constantly influencing each other, and through each other the whole system, and our influence has very great consequences for the whole system of connections.

Since we are not aware of this whole network and our responsibility for it, we still use our inherently self-centered, self-serving, self-protecting, self-justifying attitude all the time, using only our instinctively egoistic “pleasure/pain” calculations for every goal, action, reaction.

Our attitude defines how we relate to the system, how we connect to others, how we influence them. The actual actions, reactions are secondary, what makes the greatest impact is our attitude, the intention we act, even think with.

We have to go through a very unique, intensive training in order to first of all start existing consciously on the intention, attitude level, instead of only scanning the superficial actions. Then we need to learn to keep a constantly positive, benevolent attitude in order to influence the system through others only positively, constructively instead of our present, instinctively selfish, cancerous attitude!

Only this way can we repair the world, build a better future for all of us, for the whole system!

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