Free Choice: Changing The Movie Projector

Question: What are elements of your life that you are unable to change?

Answer: With your permission I would turn the question around, focusing on the only thing I am able to change: my perception of reality, how I look and and as a result how I relate to life.

Whatever I see, feel, experience in life is absolutely, 100% subjective. I have no idea what the “true world” is like “outside of me”, I do not even know if such a “true life” actually exists.

The world I see is my own, personal “3D movie projection”, my projector using my own internal qualities to create, assemble reality for me.

Thus if I want to change anything in the world I see, I have to adjust, change, upgrade the projector and the personal filters it uses. As long as I try manipulating, changing anything else “outside”, I am just as futile as one who wants to influence the characters on the movie, TV screen.

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