User’s Guide To Reality

Question: If you read them, what’s your choice of Holy Book?

Answer: As I am Jewish I would choose the Torah and the “associated books”, writings that are based on the Torah.

But I wouldn’t choose the Torah just to “read it”.

The Torah is not a book or religious scripture. It is THE Encyclopedia of Nature, THE User’s Guide To Reality, composed – in a symbolic, multi-layered language – by very unique, original, empirical Natural scientists.

These scientists were unique as they attained Nature’s perfect, all-encompassing system by changing themselves, becoming similar to Nature’s altruistic, unconditionally, selflessly serving qualities.

What they wrote they wrote from absolute, direct, tangible attainment, but they wrote it in a language that can be understood fully only by those who reached the same understanding.

The same wirings can be taken superficially, literally as well and for the last 2000 years most people “read and still reads” the Torah and all other books based on it superficially, literally.

But if we want to understand why Humanity is sinking into crisis, why we can’t solve our mounting problems and are in constant war with Nature, we will need to learn again how to “read”, understand the Torah properly, by using the same method those original Natural scientists used.

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