Human Responsibility

Question: What are human responsibilities towards the Earth?

Answer: Our “Human” responsibility towards Earth is to become Human. Only by becoming “truly Human” can we stop behaving like cancer destroying everything, including ourselves.

The name “Human” means “similar” – based on its Hebrew origin “Adam” from the expressions “domeh”/similar. This name points to a being that reaches similarity of qualities with the perfect Natural system it is born from it evolved from.

By default we are born, we evolve with opposite qualities to Nature. While the perfect system we exist in is fully altruistic, unconditionally serving, loving in order to create, nurture and develop life – as we can observe the balance and homeostasis even within our own biological bodies as a result of the altruistic, selfless connection between cells, organs – Humans are born absolutely selfish, egotistic, hateful and greedy.

This is not “evil” or “sinful” since we have no choice about the nature we received from evolution. Moreover being born opposite, “harmful” is purposeful by evolution’s predetermined plan. Only this way can we receive an independent point of view and free choice other parts, animals of the system do not have.

Our Human purpose in life is to identify our original nature as harmful, destructive. cancer-like – to which state we are very close today -, understand the evolutionary purpose necessity of this, and then to start purposefully, methodically change, upgrade ourselves, our operating program – by harnessing the same Natural, evolutionary force that gave us life and our original nature.

Then we will reach the necessary similarity and through this similarity we will completely attain, justify Nature’s perfect system, its plan with the help of the contrast we gain by starting the process from the original opposite state.

In our generation we are starting this last, fully conscious phase of Human evolution!

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