The Jewish Role In Tikkun Olam

Question: What are moments when you felt or feel proud (or happy) to be part of the Jewish nation?

Answer: There are many reasons. I think the existence and prosperity of the State of Israel is enough to make one proud.

But what makes me most proud is our unique, irreplaceable, evolutionary role in Humanity: Tikkun Olam.

But this role is very different, much deeper than the “Tikkun Olam” nowadays is publicised, as we don’t actually need to correct the world itself.

As we are learning in the hard way, no political, economic, social methods, ideologies, systems can help us build safe, peaceful, fair and sustainable Human societies.

We will continue failing – as we just failed with the best looking system of liberal democracy and free market capitalism – until we finally realize that the only thing we need to change, correct is ourselves .

Tikkun Olam starts with Tikkun Adam (correction of Man), upgrading the inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective Human nature – with the tendency for “unfounded hatred” – with selfless, altruistic intentions. Only this way can we build true, sustainable unity, mutual responsibility above our inherent differences, despite the mutual distrust, rejection.

Jews possess the method of this unique Human upgrade, the “Torah’s Instructions” describe in a symbolic manner how to balance, correct egoistic nature with altruistic intentions.

Our Jewish role is to “become Light unto others”, to show a shining, positive example of Tikkun Adam, so the upgraded Human can then build a corrected society, world.

I am very proud for this special Jewish role, but it also comes with a very great responsibility, it places safeguarding the future survival of Humanity on our shoulders!

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