The Glorious Last Generation

Question: What is the one greatest problem facing your generation?

Answer: Well, we could list a lot of seemingly obvious things that is wing with our generation. But in truth there is nothing wrong with it. Moreover this generation is very unique!

So far Humanity has been developing blindly, instinctively, without any free choice. We simply followed our instincts, acting as our constantly, exponentially growing, intensifying ego pushed, directed us.

It is only today, in this so called “last generation” did we receive a chance, awakening from Nature’s evolution to take our fate, the last phase of Human evolution consciously into our hands.

All the thousands of years we have gone through was simply a preparation, in order to show us that by directly developing on a single line – using only our inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature – we will self-destruct.

Thus now – in the threshold of this self-destruction – when we finally started to search for the root cause of our problems inside ourselves, instead of constantly changing others and the world around us, we can try to develop a second line of development, through new qualities, new, upgraded “operating software”.

So our desperate, crisis ridden state is actually good, we are like the very sick patient who can’t delay going to the doctor any longer, can’t pretend to get better by taking a few Aspirins…

From consciously recognizing our state now we can start consciously, proactively develop new, previously missing or dormant selfless, unconditionally loving, serving qualities in us, until they can balance, neutralise the original egoistic, hateful ones.

Then we can finally develop on “two legs”, becoming similar to Nature, learning the art of balancing contrasting “positive and negative” forces in the middle, combining them, in order to create, nurture, sustain life and positive development!

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