Changing Reality Through Free Will

Question: What is free will, what are it’s limitations and how does it have the power to affect reality itself?

Answer: Our free will relates only at changing ourselves. We can’t change anything else as the Natural reality that surrounds us is already perfect, unchangeable – including everything, even other people in it.

On the other hand by changing ourselves, changing our inner qualities, the purity, transparency of our vision changes, we change our perception of reality.

And by changing our perception we change reality from our point of view. Thus our free choice has the power to change reality, since the reality what we see is what we have!

Our free choice relates to changing our inherently self-centered, self-serving, self-justifying and subjective point of view to a selfless, altruistic, objective viewpoint.

And since we can’t change ourselves, and any self-change can only unfold through the environment that surrounds us, our only free choice in life – which can subsequently change reality – is choosing the environment we plant ourselves into.

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