Freely Agreeing To Become A Puppet

Question: What is the best evidence against the existence of a human free will, based upon your own life experiences?

Answer: I do believe that there is Human Free Will, without it our life would simply make no sense. The question is what this “Free Will” is about, how it is implemented.

I agree that when we look at reality through religious point of view – assuming there exists an all-encompassing, omnipotent “Humanoid” force that governs our lives, there is not much we could “freely” do against this God/Creator.

And if we look at the world from secular, scientific point of view, revealing how the whole Natural system is governed by very precise, strict, “unbending” Natural laws, again our actual freedom of action, decision is limited to nothing, as everything is determined by our instincts, hormones and environmental factors.

Still both religious and secular people, scientists alike believe that there is some free choice, freedom of action in our lives. How is this possible?

We can say that either God, or Nature gave us a small area in our lives, where we can exercise freedom, where we can make crucial decisions.

The scientific Wisdom of Kabbalah explains this in the following way:

From systemic point of view, looking at reality from “God’s point of view”, or from the viewpoint of Nature’s evolution, we have absolutely no freedom at all. We are born into, develop in a process that is already predetermined and it leads us to to a final, most optimal, perfect state which is also already predetermined.

But, since by default we are unaware of this process and the final state, we are given the chance and the tools to research and reveal the plan and our unique individual and collective Human role, purpose in it by ourselves.

Through this research, conscious effort we have to arrive to a state when we desire, yearn for the exact role, purpose Nature assigned to us anyway.

It is a like a puppet, that is given an illusion of not being a puppet, so it goes through a seemingly free, independent self-recognition, self-development process, so at the end it actually wants to become a puppet, doing exactly the same action, role the puppet master wants from it.

What does the puppet gain by this “false education”? What do we gain by going through a “cosmic educational process” only to find out at the end that everything was already predetermined?

The puppet learns, gains the mind of the puppet master, understands the whole system, how everything works, why it needs to fulfill the exact role the evolutionary plan demands from it, so at the end the puppet could actually become the puppet master himself, enlivening, manipulating the puppet.

Our freedom in life is to proactively learn why we need to become “Human beings”, what it entails, and why that is the greatest possible role, reward in reality. This way we learn evolution’s plan and at the end we fully accept, justify, “love” this plan, agreeing that it is absolutely perfect. And by that we fully justify our own existence.

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