Law Of “Manhood”

Question: What are your 10 laws of manhood? Answer: I had to look up the definition of “manhood” and Wiktionary gave me the definition of “The state of being man as a human being” as the primary answer. Kabbalists define “Human” – based on its Hebrew origin – as “similar”. A Human being is one … More Law Of “Manhood”

The Jewish Method

Question: How does Judaism impact our modern society? Answer: Judaism has been having an enormous impact on Humanity, influencing all levels of Human activity in religion, spirituality, culture, technology, morality, medical sciences, social ideology, etc. But the most important,practical influence is still to come. As the global world is sinking into a deepening, seemingly unsolvable … More The Jewish Method

Rosh HaShanah

Question: The holiday of Rosh Hashanah is coming up in a few days. Regardless of your religion, do you take the opportunity to go deep, inquire of self, let go of your anger, and redirect your attention to greater success in this New Year? How? Answer: Yes. After all original Judaism – before it became … More Rosh HaShanah