The Jewish Method

Question: How does Judaism impact our modern society?

Answer: Judaism has been having an enormous impact on Humanity, influencing all levels of Human activity in religion, spirituality, culture, technology, morality, medical sciences, social ideology, etc.

But the most important,practical influence is still to come.

As the global world is sinking into a deepening, seemingly unsolvable crisis, Jews, especially Israel have to finally fulfill the unique historic, “national mission” Jews have received thousands of years ago: to “become Light unto others”.

And this – besides all the contributions Jews, Israel have already been exerting in – primarily relates to the positive example Jews have to show in building unity and mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation above the remaining inherent differences, despite the instinctive mutual distrust, rejection.

Only Jews have the practical, educational method and the historic experience in building unity above interrent instincts.

And in a going integrated, fully interdependent world only this unique “Jewish method” can offer solutions to global problems, and can facilitate Humanity’s survival.

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