Preparing For Death, Or Learning To Live?

Question: If we’re all going to die, why do we focus on prolonging life instead of easing the transition to death?

Answer: I am not 100% sure what you mean about “easing the transition to death”.

In my opinion if life was only about preparing for death it would be quite a wasteful exercise from Nature’s perfect system, giving life to a conscious being only in order to think about, prepare for disappearance.

I think – and it is confirmed by unique, empirical scientists who revealed, fully attained Nature’s system and its evolutionary plan – our job before death is to research and understand, moreover practically implement the Human purpose in existence.

(By the way the same scientists also tell us that by fulfilling our Human purpose we also “bypass” death, as we gain a new, upgraded consciousness, perception of reality that senses life above the subjective restrictions of time, space, physical motion)

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