Law Of “Manhood”

Question: What are your 10 laws of manhood?

Answer: I had to look up the definition of “manhood” and Wiktionary gave me the definition of “The state of being man as a human being” as the primary answer.

Kabbalists define “Human” – based on its Hebrew origin – as “similar”. A Human being is one that acquires similarity with nature’s single, all-encompassing force/principle/law, which is defined as “love your neighbor as yourself”.

While it sounds like it at first, this principle/law has nothing to do with religion or mysticism, nor does it belong to “New Age spirituality”. In a poetic, archaic way this principle describes, adjusts to Human society the most fundamental law in Nature, which law maintains balance and homeostasis without which life, optimal development is impossible.

As we can observe even in our own biological body, our health, life, survival depends on our cells, organs and the ‘surrounding microbial cloud” working in absolute harmony, each part, element “selflessly”, unconditionally, mutually complementing each other for the sake of the whole organism.

As the same Kabbalists declared, although there are 613 commandments in the Torah, all support, complement the single most important law, principle of “love your neighbor as yourself”, since the whole Universe and Human survival depends solely on that one law.

Thus we can find, improvise as many “sub-laws” as we want, at the end of the day we will have to keep this one all-encompassing law if we want to keep our “manhood” and survive in a fully integrated and interdependent, cosmic, natural system.

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