5 Steps To Build Connections That Lead To Happiness

Question: What five tiny things make you extremely happy?

Answer: Since “true happiness” is a unique, mutual emotional impression that is born in purposefully built, positive, selfless, mutually supportive and mutually complementing Human connections, those five things relate to building such connections:

  1. I find a special, purposeful, closed environment where I can practice building mutual connections in order to reach true happiness.
  2. As a result of the mutual effort I can reach a certain, necessary level of self-annulment towards the others.
  3. As a result of this minimal level of self-annulment I can “enter the others” without disturbing them (like wading into water without causing even the smallest ripple…)and I start sensing the desires, seeing the viewpoints of the others.
  4. As a result of sensing their desires, seeing their viewpoints I can start helping them to find the most optimal fulfillment for their desires exactly as they want it.
  5. As a result of such perfect fulfillment they become truly, perfectly happy, content, and sensing this perfect happiness, contentment in the others gives me unprecedented happiness and contentment. I start swimming in an ocean of infinite happiness I could never sense before, while I was still locked into myself, caring only about my own happiness, contentment…

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