No Need For Retirement

Question: What do you imagine retirement will be like for you?

Answer: I can’t imagine such a state, as I can’t imagine “going on Holiday” either. I mean I go on Holiday with the family, I do different things than usual, but it does not stop me to continue probing, searching, learning, providing… I can’t imagine not working, not studying, not doing something, not searching for a meaning, purpose in life.

One of my “idols”, role models in life is Stephen Hawking. This true, impeccable scientists was robbed of his biological body, stripped off almost all of his normal life functions. But as long as his incredible mind worked, as long as he could somehow communicate his thoughts, conclusions to others, he did not stop exploring the Universe, searching for a meaning, hoping for a “Theory of Everything”.

I think he showed us that there are no excuses.

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