Attaining Nature’s Infinite Wisdom

Question: How can we take more advantage of the fact that we have “almost” infinite knowledge available to us?

Answer: We have to use this infinite knowledge wisely.

Actually at the moment we are only scratching the surface. The knowledge we can access is only a hardly discernible morsel of the true Wisdom we are destined to attain.

We are surrounded by Nature’s vast, perfect, cosmic database, that contains all the blueprints, laws, explanations, the complete plan of evolution from its inception till its final, perfect goal.

But in order to access this infinite Wisdom, to “download” any information we need from it, we need a key. And the key is reaching similarity with the qualities of the Natural system.

We have to become like the system: selflessly, altruistically interconnected, integrated with one another, making every calculation solely for the benefit of the whole collective above the inherently selfish, egocentric and subjective calculations we usually do.

When we become like the system, we will be able to access its perfect Wisdom, and then it will also be certain, that we will use what we attain only in a wise, benevolent manner.

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