The Useful Collective Wisdom

Question: Why should we not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance? Why is a popular thing not necessarily the better?

Answer: This is a difficult question, as it will be collective wisdom, a new collective intelligence which will pull us out of the present crisis, and help us build a new society, which will be compatible with Nature’s fully integrated, interdependent system.

So how can we know which “collective wisdom” is positive and which is harmful?

It solely depends on the overwhelming values, priorities, goals of the collective.

The values, priorities, goals of our present society is solely self-serving, egoistic, aimed at immediate, excessive self-fulfillment.

We thrive on ruthless, exclusive competition, worshipping those who cheat, succeed at the expense of others, become famous on very shallow, unworthy “abilities”, “talents”. If someone becomes wealthy, powerful regardless of the means, we accept those to become our “influencers”, leaders, ambassadors.

This “collective wisdom” is leading us towards self-destruction.

The true collective wisdom which will save us, will be based on vastly different values, on benevolent, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, where the members of the society mutually commit to make their calculations for the well-being of the whole collective, above the instinctive individualistic calculations.

Then they will become similar to Nature’s fully integrated system and through that similarity they can “download”, access Nature’s infinite, prefect wisdom through that similarity. Such a wisdom is constructive, has a suitable blueprint for everything.

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