Searching For True Wisdom

Question: Grandparents have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom accumulated. Since each generation seems to make the same mistakes or learn the hard way, what is the best way to learn from elders and apply their wisdom?

Answer: On one hand I fully share your sentiment about the wisdom, experience of elders. On the other hand since Humanity has been repeating the same mistakes from generation to generation, from civilization to civilization this means that the elders also has been repeating the same mistakes and their own wisdom, experience is also “useless”.

Human history is an endless chain or recurring, helpless, vicious cycles. And this is because all our ideas, wisdom, ideologies and structures are built on our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective consciousness and perception, thus whatever we devise, build is false and unnatural, so it does not have a right to exist in Nature’s deterministic, lawful system.

If we want to build on the “Wisdom of Elders” we would need to go back a few thousand years, where there existed a few, unique, original, empirical Natural scientists, who by changing themselves could enter Nature’s perfect system by becoming similar with its absolutely selfless, altruistic qualities, and become capable of attaining its laws, its evolutionary plan from within.

Fortunately their Wisdom has been passed, been refined, tuned from generation to generation so we have a “copy” of it that is suitable for our generation, culture, conditions. Without this true, scientific “Wisdom of Elders”, without learning about the system we live in and our own evolutionary purpose within we will remain lost until we fully self-destruct.

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