Will Our Generation Be Praised, Or Laughed At (Or Condemned)?!

Question: What will society in 500 years laugh at us for doing?

Answer: If there is a Human society in 500 years from now they will not be laughing at us, but they will fondly and highly respectfully remember us as the generation that saved Humanity.

If our generation does not wake up to the fact that we are seemingly inevitably sleepwalking towards a global catastrophe, that will likely wipe out most of our species – and we can freely choose the weapon of mass destruction from geopolitical conflicts, over-population, climate change, pollution and many other ways we are destroying the planet, antibiotic resistance, social breakdown due to increasing inequality, unsolved, botched immigration problems… – then there will be no Human society in 500 years.

Moreover awakening to the imminent danger is not enough, we also have to identify the inherently selfish, hateful and greedy ego driving all of us as the single most important root cause of the problems.

If we can do all that then we will be able to change, upgrade our own “operating software”, which upgrade will allow us to rise above our instinctive tendencies and build unity, mutually responsible and mutually complementing cooperation without which we will never be able to solve problems and survive.

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