Broken Hearted

Question: Are people with good hearts the only ones who go through negative things in life?

Answer: People with good hearts do not need to go through negative things in life. People with good hearts – in other words people who are already capable of existing, acting with purely selfless, altruistic intentions towards others – already sense themselves in a perfect, eternal reality as they rose above the subjective limitations of time, space and motion, and by the merit of becoming similar with it they directly feel Nature’s single, altruistic operating force permeating reality.

On the other hand we are all born with “bad hearts”, as by default all of us are existing with inherently selfish, hateful and greedy intentions, always making calculations at the expense of others.

Those who realized they have a “bad heart” but aspire, work, make 100% effort towards acquiring a “good heart”, they go through negative things in life as they wage a bitter inner war against their inherent nature.

This is what the “Universal Instruction Guide To Reality” – the Torah – describes in a symbolic language in all of its “stories”, especially in the story of the “Exodus from Egypt”.

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