The Exciting Responsibility Of Generation Z

Question: What positive changes will generation Z bring to humankind?

Answer: This is a very unique generation as they were born without almost any connection to the “previous Humanity” living before the global crisis – that affects all facets of Human life – wiped out all previous norms, values, moral foundations.

While those who still remember the “past” are drowning in these changes and can’t cope with a world without its previous foundations (all “solutions” trying to restore a bygone system, civilization), this new generation is capable of rebuilding Humanity on completely new foundations – similarly to the Jews who after wandering in the desert for 40 years, losing the “Exodus generation merited to enter the Land of Israel.

Thus it is very important that this “Generation Z” and the following generations receive a unique, purposeful education, upbringing that can teach them how to build a Human society in the new, fully integrated and interdependent era, when any society needs to be based on the unique, unprecedented system of “mutual guarantee”.

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