Destined To Succeed

Question: Are humans designed to succeed or fail? Answer: Overall Humanity is designed to succeed, in fact our collective success, us reaching our unique, perfect, individual and collective goal, purpose in existence is pre-programmed into Nature’s evolutionary plan. On the other hand the plan is set up in a way that we won’t receive this … More Destined To Succeed

The Exciting Responsibility Of Generation Z

Question: What positive changes will generation Z bring to humankind? Answer: This is a very unique generation as they were born without almost any connection to the “previous Humanity” living before the global crisis – that affects all facets of Human life – wiped out all previous norms, values, moral foundations. While those who still … More The Exciting Responsibility Of Generation Z

It’s Better To Be A Useful Cogwheel, Then Being “Jack Of All Trades”

Question: Which is better, being king of one trade or jack of all trades? Answer: King of one trade. We can pretend to be “jack of all trades” but this is a proud, egotistic lie which is also harmful. We are but individual cells, cogwheels in a perfect, completely integrated, interdependent system. We all have … More It’s Better To Be A Useful Cogwheel, Then Being “Jack Of All Trades”

Becoming Successful With Mutual Support

Question: How do I stop making half-finished projects and goals? Answer: You need a greater desire, motivation, consistency to succeed. And we can’t generate such all-out desire, motivation ourselves alone, as our instinctive tendency for comfort usually cools our initial fervor. This is why in order to keep the goal shining, growing, in order to … More Becoming Successful With Mutual Support