Destined To Succeed

Question: Are humans designed to succeed or fail?

Answer: Overall Humanity is designed to succeed, in fact our collective success, us reaching our unique, perfect, individual and collective goal, purpose in existence is pre-programmed into Nature’s evolutionary plan.

On the other hand the plan is set up in a way that we won’t receive this success on a solver platter, but we have to work for it, merit it.

Thus evolution gave us 2 options.

One option is that Nature’s developmental steamroller will keep pushing, forcing us towards the necessary self-changes we have to go through in order to reach that final state. This is blind, instinctive development Humanity has been evolving so far, intolerable suffering, unsolvable crisis situations coercing revolutions, changes of civilizations.

The other – preferred option – is taking our development and fate into our own hands. We can actually study, map evolution’s plan, we can in advance learn about our unique role, purpose in it. Then we can already consciously, proactively enact the necessary self-changes, self-upgrade that is expected from us before blows, sufferings would obligate us.

Reaching our final, guaranteed, perfect state this way would be the real success. It is only in our generation that we have received this free choice, selecting our path of development. We need to use this choice wisely!

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