Transcending Suffering

Question: How can a person transcend the perception of suffering?

Answer: By seeing suffering as a necessary, purposeful part of receiving pleasure.

Suffering, pain is the most potent motivator, as we can’t tolerate it and are obliged to move and do something about it.

Of course we do not have to be masochistic and enjoy physical suffering, or induce physical suffering in order to develop, grow.

We can use “sweet suffering”, an intolerable expectation of something great, something extremely attractive.

Thus instead of physical suffering which pushes us from behind we can use this “love pain”, expecting a future, difficult to achieve goal, pleasure which pulls us ahead.

It is similar to enjoying hunger when we are certain to arrive to a feast later, enjoying the heartbreak of not seeing a loved one when we know for certain that we will meet again. Some people are even delaying to receive pleasure just to heighten the expectation, hunger, yearning to maximize the pleasure received at the end.

This way we can set up worthy goals, make them extremely important, attractive in a unique, closed, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment to constantly pull ourselves forward and develop.

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