Humanitarian Focus

Question: If you were studying to be a humanitarian, what would be the object of your focus through your studies in this day age?

Answer: The object of my focus would be – actually it is – the quantity and quality of Human connections we need to build between us.

These connections will define Humanity and determine if we will be able to solve our mounting global problems, and whether we will be able to safeguard our collective Human survival or we will leave everything to “blind chance”.

The notion of true, sustainable, mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human interconnections is the most important – as Nature’s fully integrated and interdependent system obligates us to achieve it – and it is also the most difficult. We would need to build such connection above and against our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy egos that would and will do everything in its power to prevent us succeeding.

Thus we need a very special, purposeful and practical educational method which can harness, use the ego – which we cannot suppress or erase – for building the crucially necessary, life-saving, mutual Human integration.

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