Proud To Become Human

Question: Should we be proud or ashamed to be human?

Answer: First of all the is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if we behave like animals, our like cancer cells more and more, we are simply, blindly, instinctively following the inherently selfish, egoistic, subjective nature evolution installed in us.

We need to be proud of our Human potential, the ability to consciously, proactively upgrade ourselves, by acquiring selfless, unconditionally loving, serving intentions over our desires, actions.

Through such intentions, like through a special coating the original all-consuming cancer cells will be able to interconnect, integrate in order to firm a single body, a unique Human “super-organism”.

This is the purpose of our Human existence to become similar to Nature’s perfect system and attain this system in its totality through proactively integrating with each other above, against our original nature.

And that merits being proud of ourselves!

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