It’s Better To Be A Useful Cogwheel, Then Being “Jack Of All Trades”

Question: Which is better, being king of one trade or jack of all trades?

Answer: King of one trade. We can pretend to be “jack of all trades” but this is a proud, egotistic lie which is also harmful.

We are but individual cells, cogwheels in a perfect, completely integrated, interdependent system. We all have our own unique, individual role for the system, without which the system can’t work. Even the smallest cogwheel can break the huge machinery if it does not work properly, in this respect all cogwheels are equal, regardless of their size or actual role.

When we try to become “jack of all trades” we take roles away from others, trying to become lone heroes doing everything ourselves.

This breaks the system as we do things we should not do imperfectly, while we are neglecting our own role we should do. And we prevent others from doing their roles.

Instead we need to study the system in its full depth, understand its developmental plan and find out our own, unique, complimentary role in it.

Then we can learn how to become experts, “kings of our own trade” and let others to become the king of their own. Then through the multitude of “kings” we build the perfect “Kingdom of Humanity”!

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