Leaving Comfort Zone

Question: Would you sacrifice security for ambition?

Answer: Without leaving the comfort zone there is no progress, growth. And since according to Nature’s intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan we Humans have to evolve constantly, renewing, reinventing ourselves again and again until we reach our very unique,”truly Human” role in nature’s system, we have to constantly go beyond our limits, constantly rise above our present logic, sensations to replace them with new ones.

This is even beyond what we usually consider “going beyond” since what the evolutionary plan demands from us is a true, complete rebirth at each new developmental level.

This is impossible to do alone due to our instinctive tendency for rest, self-justification, longing for comfort.

Thus the true Human development as expected from Nature can unfold only in a uniquely organized environment, where we can positively, purposefully channel our inherent tendencies, attributes of envy, jealousy, desire for more, yearning for respect.

This will be the future competition about who can serve society better, more optimally, more pure without any selfish, egotistic calculations!

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