Leaving Comfort Zone

Question: Would you sacrifice security for ambition? Answer: Without leaving the comfort zone there is no progress, growth. And since according to Nature’s intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan we Humans have to evolve constantly, renewing, reinventing ourselves again and again until we reach our very unique,”truly Human” role in nature’s system, we have to constantly go … More Leaving Comfort Zone

Envious Progress

Question: Do millionaires feel poor when they are next to billionaires? Answer: Yes, and this is very important! Whether we feel rich or poor doesn’t depends on what we have. It depends on how we compare to others! This comes from our inherently proud, self-justifying nature that ceaselessly tries to elevate the self-esteem, trying to … More Envious Progress

There Are No Negative Traits, Only Purposeful Ones

Question: What are some negative human traits? Answer: There are no “negative traits”. We exist in a perfect, deterministic and “lawful” natural system where there are no mistakes, accidents, there is no surplus. Thus our task is to find the perfect, purposeful use for everything we have inside us, around us. We can reach perfection … More There Are No Negative Traits, Only Purposeful Ones

Useful Envy

Question: Why do people want to be other people and are not happy with themselves? Answer: We can’t help it, we are “programmed” in such a way. Our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature constantly measures itself to others in order to prove that it is better, higher, greater, richer, etc than others. Our political, marketing systems, … More Useful Envy