There Are No Negative Traits, Only Purposeful Ones

Question: What are some negative human traits?

Answer: There are no “negative traits”. We exist in a perfect, deterministic and “lawful” natural system where there are no mistakes, accidents, there is no surplus.

Thus our task is to find the perfect, purposeful use for everything we have inside us, around us. We can reach perfection by assembling all the seemingly incompatible but still mutually complementing parts into a single whole.

For example the seemingly “negative traits” of envy, jealousy, lusting, yearning for more, desiring respect, superiority over others can be used in the right, purposeful environment in a way that with their help we can rise above our inherently selfish, egoistic nature and start a new, perfect, “truly Human life”.

And even the selfish ego performs a very important function, as it provides the necessary contrast, measurement tool we can assess, verify our new selfless, altruistic Human state against

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