Comparing Ourselves To Others

Question: If we continue to compare our lives to those who appear to have more does it negatively impact our mentality?

Answer: Not necessarily.

First of all we can’t help comparing ourselves to others. We are all born with an egocentric, self-justifying, competitive nature. It is much more important to us whether we have more than others than actually how much we have. There is a saying that “I do not mind losing an eye if the other loses both”.

It is true that most of the time this constant comparison, competition harms us, grinds us, it negatively impacts on our mentality.

But in the right environment with a purposeful, practical method we can turn this inherent envy, jealousy to a positive driving force, moving the whole collective towards positive, constructive goals. If we learned how to compete, entice, inspire each other in the right, purposeful way, we can propel Humanity to a qualitatively much higher level of existence!

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