The Injustice Of The Ego Sinking The Boat

Question: What are the worst injustices most people will commit in their lives?

Answer: As we can see from the events in the world, those injustices can take on many different forms. But at their root they originate from the same inherently self-serving, self-justifying and egoistic nature that drives all of us.

It is this nature, our instinctively selfish, hateful attitude, relation to others that forces us to ruthlessly, exclusively compete, fight for resources, necessities, power, superiority, most of time succeeding at the expense of others.

Due to the complexity and full integration of our world this appears in different external forms. But in order to stop the injustices what we need to correct is the root cause.

We can’t change, improve the world by political, economic, social or military means. Only a brand new, purposeful and practical education can change our “core”, “upgrade our inner software” without coercion, using positive motivation and positive examples.

The most important principle of this education is to tangibly teach, show us how intricately, irrevocably interdependent we are. Thus when we drill holes underneath one another to sink others, we have to understand that we are all on the same boat, so if we sink we will all drown.

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