The Two Wolves

Question: How aware are you of two different opposing “wolves” operating within your mind, one of which leads to pain and diminish the sense of life and the other to a joyous, meaningful, and fulfilling life?

Answer: In order to become aware of the two wolves, moreover to keep that awareness, holding the two perception as two reins, becoming a neutral, independent and objective observer in between them, we need a unique, mutual environment.

Inherently it is the “dark” wolf, causing pain that reigns in us, due to our inherently selfish, egoistic nature.

Only by a special, purposeful method and the helpful environment can we awaken the other, “white” wolf in us, that leads to joy and happiness due to a different, altruistic, unconditionally loving and serving nature, intention.

Then when we mutually stabilize both, contrasting perceptions do we give birth to a new, “truly Human” observer, that can use, ride the two wolves toward an optimal, final Human purpose.

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