Don’t Regret What’s Purposeful

Question: When you regret a decision, do you remain open to the possibility that it will turn out to be a good thing later?

Answer: Regretting past decisions come from our inherent – and misguided – belief that we are in control of our life, that we could have decided things in any other way.

Only when we start researching reality, gradually unveiling the completely predetermined evolutionary plan that drives everything, that we realize that there is no other way our life could have unfolded up to this actual moment.

At that time we also understand that whatever happened unfolded in order to bring us to the most ideal state in the present moment, where we have to only point of actual freedom, deciding how the future unfolds.

Then we realize that what we regretted before was actually the best possible thing, scenario, and we stop regretting it whatsoever.

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