Finding Our Purpose – According To Plan

Question: In your opinion, what is the purpose/meaning to our lives?

Answer: In order to find the right answer to these questions first we need to understand that we do not need to invent a meaning, purpose for ourselves.

Due to our proud,individualistic nature we tend to convince ourselves that we exist on our own, that the vast Natural system and its evolutionary plan does not concern us.

But this is foolish. We evolved from this Natural system and we are still part of it, whatever our “cunning ego” whispers into our ears.

Thus we have a very precisely defined, obligatory role, purpose predetermined in Nature’s intelligent developmental plan. Our freedom of choice does not concern what this role, purpose is, but how we get there.

Our meaning of life is to consciously, proactively research the system, gradually mapping, unveiling its evolutionary plan until we find our role, purpose in it. Then we can finally learn how to fulfill that role, purpose in the most optimal way. If we do not do it proactively, consciously ourselves, Nature will force us towards this goal through crisis situations, intolerable suffering.

When we reach this goal – since then we will become perfect, fully integrated, most optimally complementing “cogwheels” of the system – Nature’s “circle of life”, its single, life giving force-field will flow through us to the other parts of the system in a mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling manner.

And we will “decode” this infinite, eternal low as “”bliss”, perfect contentment, happiness.

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