Best Keep Secret In Politics: We Are Utterly Clueless, Helpless!!

Question: What are some of the best kept secrets of world politics?

Answer: The best kept secret in politics – which is now gradually leaking out – that the politicians, world leaders, experts in different fields have absolutely no idea how to resolve the constantly deepening global crisis which encompasses all Human activity.

It is actually not their fault. There is no political economic, social or military solution for the mounting global problems that threaten our collective survival. Those are treating only the superficial symptoms of the main disease.

The root cause of the problem is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective, hateful and greedy nature drives all of us. And since all our ideologies, systems and the recommended “solutions” are also built on this same nature, we are just chasing our own tails as we keep sinking deeper.

The only solution is purposefully,methodically changing, upgrading our inherent nature through the right, purposeful and practical educational method. Only a corrected Human being – that is capable of existing in a globally integrated and interdependent world above and against the inherent ego – can find the right solution and build a better, sustainable global Human society.

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