Best Keep Secret In Politics: We Are Utterly Clueless, Helpless!!

Question: What are some of the best kept secrets of world politics? Answer: The best kept secret in politics – which is now gradually leaking out – that the politicians, world leaders, experts in different fields have absolutely no idea how to resolve the constantly deepening global crisis which encompasses all Human activity. It is … More Best Keep Secret In Politics: We Are Utterly Clueless, Helpless!!

The Future Of Media

Question: What will the landscape of media be like in 5-10 years? Answer: It depends. As it unfolds today the media – including the entertainment industry – has become one of the strongest weapon of war, as a well-oiled, ruthless and shameless propaganda machinery in the hands of a few. This tendency will continue removing … More The Future Of Media

Towards A Brighter Future

Question: What frightens you when you think about the future? Answer: The values, the constant general brainwashing misleading people is frightening me. At the moment we are purposefully manufacturing mindless, aimless zombies, that are only good for producing and consuming products, goods, while languishing on a subhuman level, fed on “circus and bread entertainment and … More Towards A Brighter Future