The Future Of Media

Question: What will the landscape of media be like in 5-10 years?

Answer: It depends.

As it unfolds today the media – including the entertainment industry – has become one of the strongest weapon of war, as a well-oiled, ruthless and shameless propaganda machinery in the hands of a few. This tendency will continue removing even the last morsels of “democracy”, preventing any chance of free choice, decision making before and after elections in any country.

In an ideal scenario the global media could become the most important pillar in a “positive propaganda”, serving as educational tool, serving a unique, purposeful method for correcting, upgrading our inherently selfish, hateful and greedy ego, that’s behind all the problems, crisis situations tearing societies and Humanity apart right now.

Which way media turns will depend on a few people, on a critical mass that is already studying, publicizing, spreading that above mentioned method, trying to build small environments and a new society from below up from the grassroots.

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