Unseen Network

Question: What is something that goes unnoticed in everyday life but we can’t live without?

Answer: Although the fact that we live, evolved into a “global village”, globally integrated and interdependent world hints at it, we still don’t take seriously, we still do not grasp how much we are intricately integrated with each other, how much we truly depend on each other even for our basic, survival necessities.

We do not notice the fine “filaments”, capillary system, communication channels that influence our every moment, how life is circulating, flows in between us, and how much we can’t survive if this circulation, communication is disrupted even for a short while.

It will take either a global scale Internet shutdown, unprecedented financial, economic crisis to realize this absolute, global interdependence, or we could prepare ourselves in advance and even prevent such intolerable, negative scenarios through the right global, integral education, propaganda, upbringing.

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