The Key For Consistent Happiness

Question: What is the keys for maintaining consistent sense of happiness? Answer: In order to maintain a consistent sense of happiness we first need to know the certain method that leads to happiness. Since true happiness is a unique, positive, collective emotional impression that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human connections, … More The Key For Consistent Happiness

Global Communication Skills

Question: How do good communication skills bring massive success? Answer: In a fully integrated, interdependent world that ability to “network”, communicate, build mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections with others is the most important. Such network, communication system is the foundation of life, prosperity, success and survival.

Turning Sadness To Happiness

Question: What makes you happy even when you’re sad? Answer: Since “true happiness” is a unique, collective emotional impression we receive from purposefully built, mutually supportive, mutually fulfilling Human connections – where we pledge to selflessly, unconditionally provide each other with fulfillment, happiness – sadness is a state when I became disconnected from such connections. … More Turning Sadness To Happiness

Network Of Forces

Question: Do thoughts outside of awareness influence behavior? Answer: I would say that it is the thoughts outside of awareness that truly influence behaviour. Although we imagine ourselves in a physical world, as we started to understand through quantum physics especially, true reality is a web of forces, waves, “thoughts”. And we are unaware of … More Network Of Forces

The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

Question: What is a skill that would make the world a better place if more people learned it? Answer: “Networking” – meaning building positive, sustainable, mutually responsible, mutually supportive and mutually complementing connections, cooperation. In a globally integrated and fully interdependent world this is the only skill that can offer problem solving ability and long-term … More The Only Skill Needed: Connection Building

The Future Of Media

Question: What will the landscape of media be like in 5-10 years? Answer: It depends. As it unfolds today the media – including the entertainment industry – has become one of the strongest weapon of war, as a well-oiled, ruthless and shameless propaganda machinery in the hands of a few. This tendency will continue removing … More The Future Of Media

Unseen Network

Question: What is something that goes unnoticed in everyday life but we can’t live without? Answer: Although the fact that we live, evolved into a “global village”, globally integrated and interdependent world hints at it, we still don’t take seriously, we still do not grasp how much we are intricately integrated with each other, how … More Unseen Network