The Key For Consistent Happiness

Question: What is the keys for maintaining consistent sense of happiness?

Answer: In order to maintain a consistent sense of happiness we first need to know the certain method that leads to happiness.

Since true happiness is a unique, positive, collective emotional impression that arises from purposefully built, mutually supportive and mutually fulfilling Human connections, maintaining a consistent sense of happiness requires building and maintaining such connections with one another, preferably in a closed, purposeful environment where everybody is committed to provide the others with a tangible, consistent sense of happiness.

In such a reciprocal network, system I can be certain that as long as I fulfill my “quota” of supporting, fulfilling others, giving them happiness, I will surely receive it back from them as in a well-oiled system.

In this system the happiness we feel, sense and pass on is not something personal. Instead we are revealing circulating something much deeper, a genuine, “primordial” energy, fulfillment that permeates Nature, providing life and nutrition to all.

As we tap into this force-field by becoming similar to it with our selfless, mutually serving, loving network we “stumble” on this sensation we decode as “bliss”, infinite happiness.

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