The Greatest Human Achievement

Question: What is one Human achievement you witness in your time alive?

Answer: The one Human achievement I would like to witness in my life is Humanity reaching, implementing the seemingly mystical concept of “love your neighbor as yourself”.

In truth this principle is neither mysticism, nor a religious dogma, not even a nice, catchy New Age slogan.

It is Nature’s most fundamental law for sustaining balance and homeostasis expressed in an archaic, poetic form applied to Human relationship.

In Nature’s fully integrated and completely independent system – Humanity is also part of – we won’t be able to solve our mounting global problems and survive unless we learn how to implement this Natural law, building unity and mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation above our inherent differences, despite our instinctive mutual distrust, animosity.

And for this we need a unique, purposeful and practical educational method, since achieving true love towards others above instinctive separation requires a fundamental self-change, self-upgrade.

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