We Can’t Love…

Question: What is the one thing which everybody wants to do but never does?

Answer: We all want to love, to be loved but we can’t. I mean many of us we think we do love and we are loved, but what we consider love by default is not true love.

The love we keep talking, dreaming, singing, write poems about is “fish-love”, as in “I love fish because it tastes good, because it gives me pleasure”. So we “love” as long as this “love” is good for ourselves and the moment we do not receive selfish pleasures, fulfillment from it we can’t “love” any longer.

True love is something much deeper, it requires the complete annulment of the egoistic self.

True love – which is the copy of how Nature’s singular life giving force operates – is a totally selfless, unconditional service of another, when the person dissolves into the desires, needs, viewpoints of the other, existing only in order to fulfill them.

This is something we are incapable of achieving with our inherently selfish, egocentric and subjective nature. Only through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method in the right, closed environment can we acquire this “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – ability.

True Love Is The Fulfillment Of Another’s Desire | Laitman.com

Love Without Conditions | Laitman.com

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