The Human Advantage

Question: What makes human life more intrinsically valuable than other life? Is it a bias?

Answer: I would not say that Human life is more valuable than other life – after all as we will learn through Nature’s laws “life/circle of life” is singular, we all share it in nature’s single, closed, fully integrated system.

But Humans are – potentially – the qualitatively highest, most developed parts of this system.

Only we have the conscious ability to study and attain the system of nature in its perfect completeness, conducting comparative research above and against our inherently “unnatural”, selfish, hateful, greedy and subjective operating software by purposefully, methodically developing an opposite, “natural”, selfless and altruistic upgrade over the ego.

This “upgrade” is what we are supposed to work for and attain in the last, conscious phase of Human evolution which starts with our present “last” generation.

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