Investing Efforts Into Building Our Soul

Question: What are some of the non-materialistic things worth investing in?

Answer: It is worth investing into your “soul”. And although this sounds very “mystical”, “otherworldly” in fact there is nothing more real and tangible than the soul when we come around to build one.

The soul is a completely new “sensory organ” providing us with a window into the real, undistorted, objective, truthful reality above our inherently egocentric, introverted and 100% illusion we imagine ourselves in by default.

The soul is a “collective device”, which – through matching frequencies like a radio receiver – can tune itself to Nature’s perfect broadcast, sensing its “circle of life” without the inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic distortions, calculations.

It works by matching Nature’s perfect, selfless, unconditionally serving, caring, loving qualities in a closed, purposeful Human environment. We need a special method for developing the soul, since we need to acquire similarity with Nature above and against our inherently selfish, egotistic, subjective nature.

With this collective sensory organ we can wade into quantum reality without causing any “ripple effect” in it, thus we can freely roam and explore above the usual boundaries of time, space, motion, perceiving a perfect, eternal and infinite reality.

To develop this new, collective, selfless and objective sensory organ is our Human purpose in life!

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