Question: What is life? What is life like to live for? Where is our life going to go?

Answer: Life is sensing a constant desire for fulfillment, pleasures. If we don’t sense such a desire any longer we don’t exist.

We think we live in a biological body that defines us. Today we are obsessed with this biological body, try to augment, beautify it, prolong its life.

But the biological body is just our present, temporary “tool” for sensing how our true “being”, our insatiable desire for fulfillment is alive, searches for and obtains pleasures.

We can develop a different, qualitatively much higher life if we redirect our desire for pleasures into a different “body”.

As quantum physics already identified it, true reality is not solid, but it is in the realm of forces, waves, energy. Or we could say true reality is on the level of thoughts, desires.

Our is the illusory construct of our inherently self-centered, self-justifying, subjective mind, consciousness that reduces an infinite, eternal existence to this “dream-like”, limited, distorted physical reality we experience through our 5 corporeal senses.

If we swap the physical body (while we still live in this biological body as before) with its five senses to an unlimited, non-physical body – the mutually interconnected desires of a unique assembly of people, who most of all desire to reach our Human purpose in existence – then through this collective body of desires (only those purposeful desires that aim at Human purpose) we can start perceiving a very different life.

This new life is selfless, it’s completely disconnected from any personal, selfish, egocentric calculations. Each person experiences life through the desires, viewings of others thus nobody is limited any longer by the personal, subjective boundaries of time, space, motion.

This is our true, infinite and eternal Human life which continues regardless of the actual state of the biological body…

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