Holding The Universe In My Hand

Question: How do you integrate “coming home” to yourself and learn to love yourself?

Answer: In order to answer this question first we have to understand perception of reality.

What we consider “ourselves”, our “self”, is not actually the true “I” I have to be. What I see around me, all the other people and the inanimate, vegetative and animate parts of Nature are not “alien” to me, but all that is actually “me”, my inner qualities, attributes projected from “inside” to a clean external movie screen.

This “coming home”, integrating with myself, loving myself means integrating with those “others” I see around me, learning to “love others as myself”, making those “others” more important than the inherently egocentric, selfish and hateful “self” I start this adventure, educational process from.

By integrating, by unconditionally loving, serving everything that is “outside of me” I become equal to Nature’s perfect system, its single governing force, fully attaining Nature’s intelligent, predetermined evolutionary plan, at the end becoming like its source, holding the whole Universe in my hand!

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